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Little GERMinators  (LG) is a researched-base hygiene program that promotes a change in hygiene behaviors and practices early on. The purpose is to increase children’s awareness, knowledge and understanding in the area of germ prevention through interactive, hands-on S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) based activities and presentations from grades Pre-K through 2nd. One of LG’s target goals are to bridge the gap between the school and home environment in order to create a behavior change. 


Teaching children to be accountable, as well as advocates about hand hygiene health within their natural classroom and school setting is an essential piece to the program. One of LG’s long-term goals of creating a health behavioral change is getting children to turn handwashing into a well-practiced habit. In order for this to be accomplished, LG relies heavily on teacher and parent support, teacher modeling, and peer motivation to help establish norms, as well as sustainability of the program’s continuum beyond the classroom.

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Founder & CEO

First and foremost, thank you for visiting my website. As seen above, I am the Founder/CEO of Little GERMinators, but also known as Mrs. GermBuster. Starting out, my journey has always been centralized around the education field. I received my Bachelors in Family and Consumer Science with a concentration in Early Intervention and later pursued my Masters in Early Childhood Education. When becoming an educator in the school system I was constantly running into an issue of students not being aware of the use of proper hygiene practices when coughing, sneezing and blowing their nose. After an epiphany moment brought by a little young fellow in my class by way of a nice, wet sneeze to the face, I decided to act on what has now become my passion; teaching germ prevention, hygiene practices to students early on. It became more of an influence as I decided to advance in my Master studies and conduct research on teaching children germ prevention as a result of a behavior change. As time went on, I got an opportunity to pilot my idea of designing a hands-on S.T.E.A.M. based lesson to teach children and encourage children's interest through a fun concept using targeted intervention activities. I am passionate about children and teaching, especially teaching children early on in order to lay the foundation for future positive outcomes. I am a true believer in the self-motivating slogan "Teach One, Teach Many," because by teaching one individual, can present opportunities for them to share their knowledge with many others, which can potentially lead to a continuous cycle of learning. I look forward to coming to your schools and teaching your students how to become Little Germinators and help decrease the spread of "Germy, Germy" through fun, memorable experiences, and activities.

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