Jolandra Houston is the Author of "Germy Germy's Lesson on Germs." She is a native from the Carolinas who is the Founder and CEO of Little GERMinators. She is an educator and a advocate for handwashing, as well as for other health hygiene practices.

Jessi Athavich is a Creator that lives in Charlotte, NC. She is very talented and creative as she spends most her time creating art, as well as designing and developing props and costumes. 

Germy, Germy's Lesson on Germs teachs children in a fun, memorable way about health hygiene practices by creating an awareness about germs through a friendly character named, "Germy Germy." Germy Germy gets the best lessons of the day from his friend and pal BJ. Add this book to your child's or student's library today, and have your child go on adventure with Germy Germy to find out how germs are fought just by implementing a couple health-based practices. 

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